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Religious Education

As part of the RE curriculum we follow the agreed syllabus for Derbyshire (2019-2025). We build this into our curriculum to provide rich opportunities for children to learn about things that matter in the lives of many people in the local area and wider world. RE for each year group will cover both religious and world view (non-religious) topics. Please refer to the curriculum overviews for each year group to see details of our coverage for RE.

RE makes a key educational contribution to pupil’s explorations of British Values. Excellent teaching of RE will enable pupils to learn to think for themselves about British Values. Questions about whether Social and Moral Values are best described as ‘British Values’ or seen as more universal Human Values will continue to be debated but for the purposes of teachers of RE the subject offers opportunities to build an accurate knowledge base of Religions and Beliefs in relation to Values. This in turn supports children so that they are able to move beyond attitudes of tolerance towards increasing respect so that they can celebrate diversity. Values Education and Moral Development are a part of a school’s holistic mission to contribute to the wellbeing of each child and of all people within our communities.

The RE Curriculum focuses learning in some of these areas but pupils Moral Development is a whole school, issue.

Any parent wishing to withdraw their child from RE lessons and/ or assembly should contact the head.